Netcross is a tunneling software particularly useful in restricted (read firewalled) network environments, which is able to establish IP tunnels exploiting Domain Name Resolution requests/responses.

The current implementation is quite unstable and is mostly intended for testing and research purposes.

Currently Netcross comes with the following transport modules:
- Tun/Tap over DNS
- TCP Redirector over DNS
- HTTP Proxy over DNS

Operating principles:
Many details about the operating principles that underpin the operation of this tool can be found in the paper entitled "Network Evasion via DNS Covert Channels" and published in the ICTSM2011 conference proceedings.
A copy of the paper is freely available for download here.

Compiling and Running:
Just compile with a plain old make Then it can be launched as follows: ./netcross (if unspecified it looks for /etc/netcross.conf).
For instructions about the netcross.conf config file see the README file

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