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Patching Overview

Patches are an easy way to submit changes to the VCF project without having CVS access. To submit a patch you must be a registered User at SourceForge, which you can do here

Once you're registered you should be able to submit a patch. To create a patch read the directions that follow, and then follow the submission instructions to fill in the form fields. Remeber to upload your patch file so we can review and apply it.

Patching Instructions

There are command line tools that are very useful in comparing files and then applying a patch. This will (very briefly) explain how to do this) on Win32 systems, for folks using *nix systems just ignore the Cygwin references.

First get cygwin.

run patch and run diff just to verify you have them

now you can run diff on say, vcf/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h, with another version by running

$ diff -u vcf/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h \

and you might see the following output:

$ diff -u vcf/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h \
--- vcf/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h   2003-05-19
19:44:52.000000000 -0400
+++ vcf_20030816/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h 
2003-08-13 13:51:20.000000000 -0
@@ -92,6 +92,8 @@

    virtual bool execute();

+       virtual void setFileMustExist( const bool&
fileMustExist );     //MP-26
       Enumerator* getSelectedFiles();

Now you can pipe that to a file and create a patch. For example, try:

diff -u vcf/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h \
vcf_20030816/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h > cfo-patch

This can now be applied to your CommonFileOpen.h by using the patch program like so:

patch vcf/include/core/CommonFileOpen.h < cfo-patch

So, you can submit patch files you create using diff and then the VCF developers can review the patch files and decide whether or not to apply them.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated
12 add operator != to Size None open 2006-07-11 2006-07-11  
11 fix int64 issues with VCF_VARIANT64 defined None open 2006-07-07 2006-07-07  
10 rename make(U)Long64 to make(U)Int64 None open 2006-07-04 2006-07-04  
9 long64 renamed; >4GB support for streams None open 2006-06-29 2006-06-29  
8 Replace ulong64 wrapper class with typedef None open 2006-06-09 2006-06-09  
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