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  • Committed [r24844]


  • Committed [r24843]

    Separated autosave options from backup options in savebackupoptionpane

  • Committed [r24842]

    Fixed german localization.

  • Committed [r24841]

    remove unnecessary paragraph. also update URL for docbook.xsd to use https (since it is now being redirected).

  • Committed [r24840]

    FR#506: Option for global autosave directory for existing files (not backup)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #382 on jEdit

    The code for handling regexes in the output is very old and not written by me. To change it would require very thorough testing against existing regexes and error outputs. We do not have any automated regression tests made up for this but I think that would help.

  • Committed [r24828]

    Removed $JEDIT_SETTINGS from jedit.props and also handled some NPEs on startup if jedit -nosettings is invoked.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4062 on jEdit

    I think the combobox that shows "metal" in the AppearanceOptionPane should show "LookAndFeel Plugin" if indeed the look and feel plugin is overriding the setting in that pane.

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2003-12-22 00:30:07
Victoria, BC / Canada / PDT


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