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  • Committed [r4496]

    VSL: I *believe* that this version builds a (non-working) bpsl on Linux,

  • Committed [r4495]

    VSL: I can now at least compile and link a version of bpsl on both cygwin and

  • Committed [r4494]

    Check in a set of *.b files (for AMD64) so that at least on Linux I can

  • Committed [r4493]

    VSL: Check in a couple of files I had failed to before, and rename

  • Committed [r4491]

    VSL: bpsl now links again on Linux64. I will now try to coax it into

  • Committed [r4490]

    Get rid of a clash on the name "VECTOR"

  • Committed [r4489]

    VSL: more pslstubs.c filled in. I think I just have the pthread ones to

  • Committed [r4487]

    VSL: a checkin because I have changed enough that I want to keep what I

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2007-09-27 20:45:33
Britain (UK) / GMT


  • 64-bit prime test Test 64-bit integers for pribality. Miller-Rabin, Lucas. BPSW Last Updated:
  • Project Logo REDUCE A Portable General-Purpose Computer Algebra System Last Updated:
  • cslplus C++ development branch of CSL Lisp system from reduce-algebra Last Updated:


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