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  • This app works well to successfully download files that otherwise timeout for no reason. I like the intuitive interface,

  • Awesome. Works perfectly. Thx for the work!

  • Easy to use and integrate with browsers. I had the opportunity to use it in windows 10 and linux ubuntu v.17.10 . It has worked seamlessly from both Operating systems. It is very fast and the user interface is a delight. Thank you!

  • Free and working perfectly.

  • Its really a good download manager... still needs some tweaking but still good...hopefully the developer can add torrent option and it will be perfect.... although not big fan of java...

  • The best downloader on Linux

  • XDM is as good as IDM even far more superior and effective in terms of downloading speed, CPU usage, and ease of use. What makes it perfect download manager is its ability to convert downloaded videos into various format. Rate of failure during downloading process is almost zero. If you have any problems with XDM you just write down your enquiry in XDM support page. The developer or programmer of this software will entertain you and try to solve your problems. All in all it is FREE!!!!!

  • super...

  • Easiest integration to any portable browsers with supported plugin. No hassle like the new FDM which requires native-client installation.

  • If you face any problem/feel some feature is missing, please post in discussion section. And If you found XDM useful, please vote. Please check discussion section"Vote for XDM for sourceforge project of the month" for more information.

  • nicht das beste aber gute programm Danke.

  • I had mixed success with this. When downloading from YouTube, the most common use for me, success was about 1 in 4 times, the other times, it finished as soon as it started creating a 0 byte mp4 file, other times it would fail with a message about failing to join files (usually after spending several minutes on the download), or it would complain that the target folder was write-protected. Compared with a UserScript with 100% reliability, it cannot compare.

  • better than idm !!

  • افضل برنامج تحميل في العالم

  • Great software ! thank you .

  • Solid, useful app. Makes life easier. I added: -Xdock:icon=/Applications/ to xdm file inside /Applications/ to get rid of the ugly Java dock icon. Would love it if you included a retina png or similar for this purpose. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Goodbye IDM. Hello XDM. Easy, lightweight, and faster download. (especially with downloading file in 32 segments). HUGE Pluspoint: Dowloads zip-files from Google Drive. Only minor drawback: Does not change download location to where last download. Does not have option of making download location as default. (Have to go to Options menu to change default download location).

  • This is by far the best download manager I have ever used! And they don't even ask for a paid license which is a bonus. I love this program because I can integrate it into Firefox and Firefox add-ons to open it for mass-downloads and such. Keep up the good work, and please don't sell it to any corporation.

  • Excellent download system. It integrates with Firefox browser. The maximum download speed I was getting at my work was 500 KB/sec and with this XDM it went to 3.2 MB/sec. Only draw back is that it created the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Subhra Das Gupta\XDM with the developer's name when installed on the PC.

  • Excellent download features!

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