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  • Re: Window Manager Firstly, AWESOME project! :) Now my issue/suggestion: I have set a hotkey (F9) to open the Window Manager. When I press F9, the Window Manager opens...beautiful. However, when I press F9 again, the Window Manager doesn't close! I really wished it did. I know that this is happening because the main window no longer has focus, but please, could you fix this somehow? Have a great day, Mike P.S.: I also set Window Manager > Tab bar to F10. This toggles beautifully, but I would really prefer the Window Manager view. Also, I am trying to convince my non-programming, skeptic friend to use N++. This fix would really help me make my case.

  • eleryisee posted a bizarre lie. Notepad++ is not unstable, and never has been. Wikipedia says nothing of this supposed fault. It's one of the world's most popular programming text editors, so instability would be quickly noticed and reported. Wikipedia does note that China's government has attacked Notepad++ in the past, so eleryisee might be one of their paid online saboteurs that they are known to use.

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  • As noted from wikipedia, notepadd++ all versions even the latest ones are highly unstable. Donot use it, or you'll lose the codes while writing.

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  • Great editor

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  • I just checked Hex Editor plugin and its work great. That's awesome!

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  • Notepad++ hangs when i have opened a few relatively large xml files and start switching between tabs. Especailly, if i switch from a non-xml tab to that an xml containing tab with collapsed nodes. Having removed the plug-in - the issue is gone.

  • NppFTP keeps only one sftp(ssh) connection. Opening another connection, previous is autmatically closed. When something is edited in its cache offline, user isn't prompted to update destination file.

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  • awesome plugins. Worked for me. thanks

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  • Love it - my only complaint is it would be great if there was a way to turn off comparison by case. (Upper case vs lower case)

  • 4 5 4 3

  • Excellent useful plugins.

  • It's useful project for NPP users, thouth NPP is weak editor IMO.

  • By far the best Windows based text editor. Easy to use, tons of features. Handles (relatively) large files well. Couldn't work without it!

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  • Great Tool! Highlighting works again with Thanks for the update! It is handy to see the exact part of the line that changed. Keep up the good work.

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  • very good!

  • very useful editor

  • 加油,很多细节仍需改善。

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  • I like it

  • good plugin

  • don't work

  • really fantastic undertaking

  • I'm using it !

  • really great tool

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