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  • Fantastic software.

  • A nice flexible app with 2 interfaces so that it can be used from the GUI or a command line

  • Very nice work! Samsung's Easy Document Creator stopped working and was unable to be resuscitated after many wasted hours. This does just what I need

  • I am using NAPS2 for 2 years now, it is perfect.The only missing feature is the PDF as PDF/A format!

  • Worked for what I needed it for. Needed to merge pdf documents together.

  • EXCELLENT PROJECT!! In answer to a couple other reviews, I've built multiple Profiles to use depending on my scan job, i.e., one for text, one for B&W forms, one for PDFs, one for photos, etc.,etc.,etc. Simply select the Profile I want and start to scan. NAPS2 also DOES, IN FACT, import PDFs created from non-NAPS2 sources. It simply asked me to download a separate add-on component which I did. Works flawlessly. For Glass, Feeder, or Duplex I simply select the pre-built Profile I plan to use, Edit the "Paper Source" and go. I suppose I could also build separate Profiles for the different feeds but I haven't found that necessary. Again, EXCELLENT PROJECT! THANKS!!

  • Fantastic for storing documents. Too many programs scan single pages into PDF, then you need another program to merge the PDF pages which is too much work. This makes it almost a breeze. The addition of "alternate interleave" just made it even simpler! Thank you! Other scan programs give flexibility when scanning images to get better colour resolution etc. Where images are to be in the PDF document, I add them with the JPG merge ability of NAPS2. As to the negative review by nevergetany ... I think most of us who want NAPS2 aren't looking for an all singing all dancing scan program ... I was looking for a scan program that would work for document storage ... that I could add pages to month by month, then merge them all together into a single document at year end. It doesn't advertise itself as an all singing all dancing scan program.

  • Excellent software. It's a knockout for many paid software.

  • Excellent free scanning Many features especially bulk scan

  • Excelente, reconheceu muito bem texto digitalizado em português, este app mais o Scan Tailor é possível fazer um serviço muito melhor que com muitos apps pagos!

  • Excellent !

  • Hi! Excellent free scanning & OCR application. The far best on free market and also better then most custom and paid ones. The only missing feature is import PDF from foreign sources (non NAPS2 created). Sometimes I have to rearange, delete or add pages to multipage PDFs. - Can be done with NAPS2, if PDF is created by NAPS2 , else import returns error. Is there any chance to improve import function, to be able to import any PDF? Best regards to developer!

  • This was just what I needed for scanning... perfect job... thank you...

  • This was just what I needed... Scan multiple pages, save as one PDF. As a bonus, you can make it searchable! Really easy, time saving, only an expensive business scanner with sheet feeder will be easier than this. And all this is for free!

  • After installing the driver for Agfa Snapscan e25 on my XP machine I installed NAPS2, but when I opened the application and attempted to start a scan I was presented with a dialogue box where I had to select a TWAIN device. When I attempted to do so I received the error message 'Scanning device not found'.

  • Awesome, good job!

  • perfect

  • I wish I had discovered this wonderful software a long time ago. The batch scanning functions are amazing!

  • Exelent scanning program.

  • Excellent! Very simple to use and powerfull.

  • Amazing application! Easy to use, fast and furious!!

  • awesome app... best app for Ricoh scanner whose original is not available online. Thanks

  • +++++

  • Doesn't do a good job of making paper white (its grey) but I like how easy it is to add content and edit page order and pages.

  • This application is fantastic. Works Great, easy to use really nice features. Well done!!!

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