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5.1.0 2016-03-27
5.0b3 2016-03-23
5.0b2 2016-03-19
5.0b1 2016-03-16
4.7.2 2016-03-04
4.7.1 2016-03-02
4.7.0 2016-02-29
4.6.1 2016-01-30
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4.4.0 2016-01-01
4.3.1 2015-12-19
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4.2.3 2015-09-30
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4.2.1 2015-08-27
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4.0b3 2015-08-04
4.0b2 2015-07-31
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3.3.5 2015-07-07
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3.3.3 2015-06-24
3.3.2 2015-06-22
3.3.1 2015-06-12
3.3.0 2015-06-10
3.2.1 2015-06-01
3.2.0 2015-05-12
3.1.1 2015-05-11
3.1.0 2015-05-08
3.0b1 2014-11-13
2.6.3 2013-11-05
2.6.2 2013-10-05
2.6.1 2013-09-25
2.6 2013-09-09
2.5 2013-09-01
2.4 2013-08-17
2.3 2013-08-08
2.2 2013-07-26
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1.0b1 2013-03-10
0.9 2013-02-17
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To use NAPS2, download ONE of the available files for the latest version: setup.exe - For most users setup.msi - For group policy deployment - Portable (no installation) portable.7z - Portable (no installation), 7-Zip format Latest version: 5.7.1 Changes in 5.7.1: - Added --split, --splitscans, --splitpatcht, and --splitsize options to NAPS2.Console -- See - Added slice support to --import in NAPS2.Console -- See Changes in 5.7.0: - Fixed downloads for OCR (etc.) - Improved deskew - Added a confirmation for batch cancel - Minor performance improvements - Bug fixes Changes in 5.6.2: - Bug fixes Changes in 5.6.1: - Fixed a crash Changes in 5.6.0: - Increased the maximum thumbnail size from 256x256 to 1024x1024 - Improved PDF import to allow many more types of PDFs to be imported - OCR can now be used on imported PDFs (if they don't already have text) - Improved PDF file size for some black and white images - Combined Brightness and Contrast adjustments into a single window - Added Hue, Saturation, Black+White, and Sharpen image adjustments - Added more keyboard shortcuts in the preview window (arrow keys to change pages, Ctrl/Alt/Shift + arrow keys to pan) - Added "HideImportButton", "HideOcrButton", "HideSavePdfButton", and "HideSaveImages" options to appsettings.xml - Added "OcrState" and "OcrDefaultLanguage" options to appsettings.xml - Bug fixes Changes in 5.5.0: - Added support for importing any PDF (requires an additional download, can be disabled by NoUpdatePrompt or DisableGenericPdfImport in appsettings.xml) - Added the ability to install optional components using NAPS2.Console (with the "--install" argument) - Added "Alternative Transfer" TWAIN compatibility option - Added .txt extension to license/contributor file names - Bug fixes Changes in 5.4.0: - Added automatic deskew option (under the Rotate menu or under Advanced in your profile settings) (credit to Peter Hommel) - Added single-page save buttons to the preview window - Added "Prompt for file path" option to Auto Save Settings - Split "Force matching page size" option into "Stretch to page size" and "Crop to page size" options - Added "Retry on failure" and "Delay between scans" WIA compatibility options - Added support for environment variables in most paths - Added LICENSE and CONTRIBUTORS files to the root directory (this replaces most copyright notices elsewhere) - Added Nynorsk language - Bug fixes Changes in 5.3.3: - Bug fixes Changes in 5.3.2: - Added Slovenian language - Fixed AV false positive issue Changes in 5.3.1: - Added Afrikaans and Vietnamese languages Changes in 5.3.0: - Significantly improved OCR speed on multi-core systems - Improved OCR text alignment - Patch-T is now supported for all scanners, with both WIA and TWAIN - Improved and added technical details to some error messages - Tweaked the spacing between thumbnails for less wasted space - Added Latvian language - Fixed OCR on Windows XP (requires an extra download, can be disabled by NoUpdatePrompt in appsettings.xml) - Fixed Auto Save and Batch to use a default file name when a directory is specified instead of a file path Changes in 5.2.1: - Added an "OcrTimeoutInSeconds" option to appsettings.xml - Bug fixes Changes in 5.2.0: - Added the ability to copy/paste and drag/drop profiles - Changed the way "LockSystemProfiles" behaves to allow users to specify a device if not specified by the admin - Added "NoUserProfiles", "AlwaysRememberDevice", and "LockUnspecifiedDevices" options to appsettings.xml - Added "HideEmailButton" and "HidePrintButton" options to appsettings.xml - Added "PromptIfSelected" as a possible value for the "SaveButtonDefaultAction" option in appsettings.xml - Added Arabic, Serbian (Latin + Cyrillic), and Slovak languages Changes in 5.1.1: - Updated the default appsettings.xml to be easier to edit - Bug fixes Changes in 5.1.0: - Custom page sizes can now be named and reused across multiple profiles - Added the ability to draw a line to align the page in Custom Rotation - Added a "Restore Defaults" button to Advanced Profile Settings - Added a "ComponentsPath" option to appsettings.xml - Added a "SingleInstance" option to appsettings.xml - Placeholders can now be used in --subject and --body arguments in NAPS2.Console - Bug fixes Changes in 5.0b3: - Added save notifications (use DisableSaveNotifications in appsettings.xml to disable) - Added a "Skip save prompt" option to PDF and Image settings. Also changed "Default File Name" to "Default File Path" (can be a file name, folder, or full path now) - Bug fixes Changes in 5.0b2: - Added a "Flip duplexed pages" compatibility option - Added a "DeleteAfterSaving" option to appsettings.xml - Bug fixes Changes in 5.0b1: - Updated tesseract-ocr (from 3.02 to 3.04) -- The OCR button will prompt to update. This can be disabled with the NoUpdatePrompt flag in appsettings.xml -- If you have the old version it will continue to function normally - Updated the default TWAIN implementation -- Choose the "Old DSM" implementation under advanced profile settings to revert - Changed the default Horizontal Align in profile settings from Left to Right to match most scanners -- If you deploy your own appsettings.xml the specified alignment specified will continue to be used as default - Added a "LockSystemProfiles" flag to appsettings.xml that allows an administrator better control over user profiles -- See - Added an "Offset width based on alignment (WIA)" compatibility option (for ticket #124) - Added Farsi and Korean languages to installers Changes in 4.7.2: - Fixed a TWAIN issue Changes in 4.7.1: - Improved memory capabilities on 64-bit systems - Fixed a WIA issue Changes in 4.7.0: - Added option in NAPS2.Console to use auto-save settings (-a/--autosave) - Added click-and-drag scrolling in the preview window - Improved cropping (can now click and drag to select an area) - Added more descriptive error messages for some WIA errors (e.g. device busy) - Fixed button alignment on left/right toolbar placements - Added Korean, Lithuanian, and Farsi languages - Various performance improvements - Various bug fixes Changes in 4.6.1: - Bug fixes Changes in 4.6.0: - New feature: Exclude blank pages (under "Advanced" in profile settings) - New options in NAPS2.Console for reordering (e.g. interleave) - Keyboard shortcuts are now customizable in appsettings.xml (and some more default shortcuts added) - Optional file type filters when importing - Importing multiple files at once now sorts the files better - Fix an issue with the left side of the scanned page being cut off with WIA - Other bug fixes Changes in 4.5.1: - Improved performance when editing and rearranging thumbnails - Automatically scroll the thumbnail list when trying to drag thumbnails up or down - Display an indicator while dragging thumbnails to show where they'll drop - Fixed Thai/Tagalog OCR language download - Fixed minor translation issues Changes in 4.5.0: - New feature: Auto Save - Enable it from the profile editor (can be disabled by organizations in appsettings.xml) - New feature: Drag and Drop support (re-order images within NAPS2, import files into NAPS2, or copy images between different instances of NAPS2) - New feature: "Advanced" profile options for image quality and scanner compatibility - New feature: Copy/Paste within NAPS2 (previously could only copy, not paste) - New progress dialogs for Import, Save, etc. with cancellation - Better contrast implementation - Selected images are now kept in view when editing and reordering images - The default action when clicking on Save PDF, Save Images, and Email PDF can be configured in appsettings.xml (SaveAll, SaveSelected, or AlwaysPrompt) - New command-line options for NAPS2.exe to enable/disable scanning from a physical "Scan" button in portable versions ("/RegisterSti", "/UnregisterSti", and "/Silent") - Improved TWAIN error logging - Bug fixes Changes in 4.4.1: - Tool strip location in the main form is remembered - Bug fixes Changes in 4.4.0: - New feature: NAPS2 can be started and/or instantly scan when you press the physical "Scan" button on your scanner (requires reboot after installation) - Added "Delete" to the context menu in the main window - Fixed file size of black and white images after rotate/crop - Fixed cancel in OCR download progress window - Fixed issues with the default profile logic - Fixed various translation-related issues Changes in 4.3.1: - Bug fixes Changes in 4.3.0: - New feature: Batch scan (under the Scan menu) - New feature: Bulk image editing (brightness/contrast/crop/custom rotation) - Added "Alternative Interleave" function for interleaving duplexed pages in a different order - Added Finnish language - Bug fixes Changes in 4.2.3: - Added Greek and Estonian languages - Added support for multiple OCR languages on the command line (e.g. "--ocrlang eng+fra") - Fixed an issue with importing certain PDFs - Fixed an issue that caused a black background when rotating and saving as certain formats - Fixed an issue that caused duplicate close prompts - Improved responsiveness while importing large PDFs Changes in 4.2.2: - Fixed an issue with OCR for non-English languages - Fixed an issue with missing translations for Move Up/Down buttons Changes in 4.2.1: - Fixed an issue where focus is lost when scanning from the Profiles window - Fixed an issue where Native WIA doesn't work properly Changes in 4.2.0: - Added a "Delete" button to the preview window - Added new keyboard shortcuts to the preview window: Esc (close), Page Up (prev), Page Down (next) - Added unicode support to PDF metadata and OCR text - Bug fixes Changes in 4.1.1: - New language: Romanian - New language: Norwegian (Bokmål) - Bug fixes Changes in 4.1.0: - Changed the website link in the About window to - Changed "Substitutions" to "Placeholders" for consistency with other software - Bug fixes Changes in 4.0b3: - New feature: Thumbnails can be resized for easier viewing - New feature: Substitutions can be used in both the GUI and NAPS2.Console when saving (e.g. "$(YYYY)-$(MM)-$(DD) $(nn).pdf" to include the date and an incrementing number) - New feature: Image settings (default file name, jpeg quality), and default file name setting in PDF settings - Bug fixes Changes in 4.0b2: - New feature: PDF settings (metadata, encryption) and email settings (can change attachment name) - Changed format of standalone/portable archives for easier usage - Scanning multiple pages with WIA no longer steals focus from other applications - Scanning with WIA in NAPS2.Console no longer displays a separate window - Bug fixes Changes in 4.0b1: - Merged the Quick Scan functionality into the toolbar - Merged the previous Scan functionality into the Profiles window - New feature: Image Editing - Crop, Brightness, Contrast, Custom Rotation - New feature: Enhanced Preview Window - Can now browse through the images one-by-one and also edit them - New feature: Print scanned images directly from NAPS2 - New feature: Prompt when trying to exit with unsaved changes - New feature: The file type used when saving images is remembered - Added more keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+S for save all as PDF, Ctrl+O for import, Ctrl+Enter for scan) Changes in 3.3.5: - Bug fix: Added missing OCR languages Changes in 3.3.4: - New language: Turkish - Bug fix: Searching PDFs generated with OCR should now work for all readers - Bug fix: Fixed issue with some TWAIN devices when scanning fails Changes in 3.3.3: - Minor bug fixes Changes in 3.3.2: - Bug fixes Changes in 3.3.1: - Bug fix: Fixed issue with TWAIN Changes in 3.3.0: - New feature: TWAIN with predefined settings - New feature: OCR options in command-line interface - New language: Chinese (Taiwan) Changes in 3.2.1: - New language: Albanian - Bug fix: Increase time allotted for OCR Changes in 3.2.0: - New feature: Custom page sizes - Added built-in B5 and B4 page size options - Added 400 and 800 dpi options Changes in 3.1.1: - New language: Swedish - Bug fix: Dutch language added to installer Changes in 3.1.0: - New feature: One-click scan - New feature: Can reverse the order of all or some pages with a single click - New languages: Croatian, Dutch - Bug fix: Prevent downloading corrupted OCR files - Bug fix: Resolve some issues when scanning from document feeders Changes in 3.0b1: - New feature: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to make PDF files searchable - New feature: Can import PDF and image files (e.g. to resume a previous scanning session) - New feature: Option to save selected pages only - New feature: Can re-order (interleave) pages with a single click - New feature: Added a right-click menu and the ability to copy images to the clipboard - New feature: Added a 150dpi option to WIA settings - Bug fix: Incorrect page size for black and white images - Bug fix: Duplex scanning (for some models) - Various other changes and bug fixes Changes in 2.6.3: - Added Bulgarian translation - Added Portuguese translations Changes in 2.6.2: - Added Danish translation Changes in 2.6.1: - Fixed a bug when scanning after clearing previously scanned images - Fixed an error in NAPS2.Console's help text Changes in 2.6: - Added Czech, French, and Polish translations - Fixed Catalan translation when using EXE installer Changes in 2.5: - Command-line interface (naps2.console.exe) can send emails - More windows can be resized, and all windows remember their size and position - NAPS2 will offer to recover scanned images if it previously closed unexpectedly - Substantially reduced memory usage - Added Hebrew and Catalan translations - Bug fixes Changes in 2.4: - Profiles can now be created without specifying a device (the device will be chosen when scanning) - Organizations can now configure some application settings in appsettings.xml (see Wiki) - Updated German translation - Bug fixes Changes in 2.3: - Added German and Italian translations Changes in 2.2: - Added Russian translation - Updated Ukrainian translation - Various bug fixes Changes in 2.1: - Added language dropdown - Added translations for Spanish and Ukrainian Changes in 2.0: - Major bug fixes for TWAIN on x64 and native WIA - Added command-line interface (naps2.console.exe) - Added logging capabilities for error reporting - Changed .NET dependency from 3.5 Client Profile to 4.0 Client Profile Changes in 1.0b2: - Added Clear button to toolbar - Added Ctrl+A shortcut to select all thumbnails - The last-used profile is now remembered and used as the default - Fix for crash when scanning with the "Black and White" option (credit to Peter De Leeuw) - Fix for crash when trying to use an offline scanner (WIA) Changes in 1.0b1: - Now requires .NET framework 3.5 (or later) - New icons - Better user experience - Admin no longer required to save profiles - Various other bug fixes and minor enhancements
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