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  • Seven stars. Every computer without Launchy feels unusable and frustrating, until I install Launchy. I'm a mixed Win, Mac, Linux user, and Launchy makes all them (more or less) usable. Had to (rather happily) pay a decent sum when again installing Launchy in another machine, and understood that I'd need to give up IT industry, if Launchy wasn't available anymore.

  • Good solid app that helps productivity significantly.

  • Awesome

  • Shameless plug: for those who are interested, there is a recent alternative to the venerable Launchy (which I have been a user for many years). It's named Keypirinha.

  • Excellent, but it was not updated.

  • Been using it for years!

  • great app, thank you

  • must have

  • an amazing tool for user to quick operate and find fire!

  • Incredible program! I wonder why they don't update it.

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  • This application saves time and improves life quality.

  • I cannot live without it!

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  • Very helpful app, but can you make your config and db file hidden? Just add . to names. It annoys me to see them all the time in my /home directory.

  • Though I do feel Handicap without Launchy since the very time I made a transition to Windows 8 Desktop PC. As we all know, it goes "deprived" of the Start Menu, & thus, requirement of an efficient Launcher becomes even must! However, it is disappointing to observe that No new version has been released yet since the Year 2010! Launchy desperately requires a quick overhaul to fine tune its functioning & efficiency in order to customize as per Win 8 OS requirements! There goes tons of listed items within Control Panel of Win 8, & Launchy is able to provide an access to a only a few at one go! Therefore, some Customizations need to be introduced in order to enable a complete index of the Control Panel items.For instance, I should be able to quickly launch "Windows Update" at one go without the requirement of making maneuvers to access the same. Similarly, the Task Manager of Win8 depicts Launchy's Start-up Impact to be "Very High" in comparison to the rest of the companions sitting innocuously in the System tray. This needs to worked upon as well in order to Optimize on the available resources! I would request the Author of this Application to quickly come up with more innovations to keep the pace with the changed OS dispensation.

  • I'm a long time user and this app is a huge time saver. Really useful.

  • I am using Launchy for 2 days now and it was indeed a usefull application. A while ago, after trying to access the settings of Launchy a pop up from Windows notified me of an error on Launchy.exe. After which it says that a "crash dump" has been created on the temp directory and this can be sent to developer as a bug report. The problem is: I don't know where to find the crash dump file. I try to look into C:\Windows\Temp but to no avail. Can anyone help? I tried reinstalling the software several times but the error always comes back and I can no longer run the app anymore. Before this error came, I have installed plugins and skins (which seemed to work just fine). And had switch from Launchy 2.5 to the latest version which is Beta. Thanks in advance. Rod :( P.S. I still don't know how to send that dump file to the developer just in case I find it.

  • Oh my god, I LOVE Launchy! It's my new favorite program. There are some AWESOME skins out there, too, like the Pip-Boy & a really awesome Steampunk one, both were so unexpected & utterly perfect for my love of customizing everything possible, especially on my computer. The plug-ins really add some great extensible capabilities & I've loved the ease in which pulling Launchy up on the screen is done. I have ObjectDock, but I find this much more useful a lot of the time! Thanks for Launchy, seriously guys, thank you <3 Love, Qua

  • Typing only 3 letters is usually enough to run the desired application. Simple but very useful program, no need to search through the 'Start' menu any more.

  • Launchy works good.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • I really love the tool. Some days ago I published a german ebook about launchy ( If readers like it, I will think about an english translation. What do you think?

  • i like it very much. easy to use and amazing. I love it!

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  • Love Launchy! Has anyone successfully be able to run it on Win8? I've always used it from XP to 7 but now I am on 8 and wondering if compatible. 8 seems to run anything 7 can but since it doesn't seem like an app that has been updated, didn't want to run into issues if it didn't. I am running Win8 Pro x64. Thanks!

  • Maybe my favourite software ever, sadly abandoned now.

  • love the app, I just wish I could use a double-tab keyboard shortcut (e.g. [ctrl],[ctrl]) instead of [onekey]+[another-key]

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