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  • Good

  • Very good tool. Pan and zoom are very easy using the mouse. I like the check boxes to enable/disable the layers as required. However, for some reason, i was not able to save the project and retreive it. Maybe is has something to do with the files being saved on a network drive.

  • Simple and easy to use. Dislikes: 1 - no 'mirror' option (e.g. useful when checking text on bottom of board) 2 - non-native file dialog when running on windows. 3 - doesn't handle rotated pads that are created by diptrace 4 - no snapping to shape centers, corners, edge centers when measuring which makes measuring inacurate. likes: 1 - easy layer toggle. 2 - good pan/zoom functionality - no scrollbar use required.

  • gerbv is a best software I can find. It is great that is open source. All is ok only 2 bugs i can find. If in path where you have gerber files are some character (šćč...) return error message and second some DRL file are not in same dimensions as other gerber files. Wish: Do a better measure distance tools. If is possible to do some tools which snap to object (pads) edge to easy measuring.

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  • Nice software, thanks. But now program crashes, when opening files with unicode symbols in path.

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  • Allows me to very quickly determine conflicts before sending my files off to a board house. Particularly nice is the check-box layer system on the left which allowed me to find a through hole part going through the middle of a silkscreen image on the bottom of the board. The only cons I could find were that this 2.6.1 viewer doesn't yet understand Excellon 2.5 drill format output by Eagle 7.2. And directory listings on busy directories is a little slow. Eagle 7.2 can be told to output Excellon 2.4 which this 2.6.1 viewer handles properly. This tool is a "keeper" for my design toolbox after spending a day reviewing others.

  • Best Free Gerber Viewer i've found!

  • This is the best of Gerber Viewer ... Fast, lightweight, & portable ... I frequently use it in designing PCB.

  • Contains serious bugs. Position and orientation of layers not saved in the project file. Exported merged file contains components without rotation set. Unusable.

  • Thank you SO MUCH to those persons who wrote that wonderful Gerber viewer. It works perfectly. Great job! Such software is so useful that it should have been available a long time ago. (Even not free) I remember there was one under MSDOS, which I forgot the name. If someone knows... Once again thank you for your time, your knowledge and your kindness for offering this. Dominique

  • Worked as expected on first try. Moving layer up and down is great. Opacity for layers is great. (I tried another commercial Gerber viewer (Win32) that after many e-mails I got to work. I finally found my favorite Linux Gerbv already compiled for win32. I was ready to use MinGW and start compiling as I really need a good Gerber viewer) Great program. Thanks guys!

  • Very nice, easy to use Gerber, NC Drill, and Pick & Place viewer.

  • gerbv works great

  • Really good! With 2.6 version is possible to panelize which is great!!!!

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  • This is better than all the commecial tools I used before

  • Superb tool

  • Saved my ass with my "first time" preparation of PCB for small series production. Thanks a lot!

  • gerbv is very good tool !

  • I agree, excellent work. I tried so many (commercial) programs, and all of them are difficult to use, draw features incorrectly, and have no transparency. GerbV does all of this - opens multiple files CORRECTLY without a single question, including the drill file! I also really like the default transparency / mixing of layers... It's also quite fast. However, it could be a bit faster still, and maybe add anti-alias. Could this be done on the GPU?

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