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  • Thank you for great work.

  • Brilliant little piece of software ! An indispensible tool that is one of first applications to be installed. Thing that I like the most is amount of configuration options and ability to customize it exactly as I wish. Support is also excelent, there was some problems in early days of windows 8, that issue was solved pretty quickly. btw. I just want to comment a review from enterpin, and bug report that you can't view RTF in clip list, that is not a bug just a new configuration option (with wrong default). You can get RTF back with simple option change in advances options set option "Draw RTF Text in List(for RTF types) (Could Increase Memory usage an Display Speed)" to True.

  • Ditto used to save my web clips as RTF and display them in the clip list that way too. It no longer does that. Everything goes to plain text. Last time it worked was with Windows 7.

  • This program makes Windows more bearable.

  • This is one of those thing that when you start using it you cant live without it

  • WARNING about latest version: I just downloaded it, and installed it over my existing version. It deleted all the existing clips! (This did not happen in a previous update.) So "Save current clipboard" first!

  • Program without which I can not live

  • Very useful tool but I prefer the older 3.21 version interface, don't like the new one.

  • je m'inscris pour noter ditto je l'utilise depuis... plus d'une décennie, mis à part quelque bug de temps en temps mais pas gênant, ce petit soft est parfait, je m'en passe plus. je viens ce matin de reinstaller W10 et le premier truc que j'installe c'est Ditto :D pour enregistrer un grand nombre de copier-coller il est parfait, indispensable pour remplir les formulaire par exemple, mais aussi copier coller les logiciels quand on veut les déplacer sans à avoir a revenir x fois dans tel ou tel dossier.. un simple CTRL + ù permet de sortir de la memoire les ancien copier marche avec les images aussi, les texte énorme, bref presque tout. par contre la lors de l'installation le par-feu la bloquer, pourquoi ? je sais pas! mais je les laissé bloquer et ca fonctionne quand même... merci de l'avoir crée - partager, et l'avoir gardé gratuit depuis tous ce temps,

  • It's unobtrusive, and it Just Works.

  • Good tool exactly when you working with servers remote

  • It awesome, it would be perfect if we could also edit the HTML source code of the entries (being able to use tinyMCE editor would solve this issue and offer much more editing flexibility)

  • One of the most feature rich clipboard editors I've worked with. It's also written in C and the last one I used was written in Java and not as snappy as this one. The only feature I found I was really missing was the ability to make tabs from snippets that I use frequently. Compiling this project from source was very easy and a pleasure. I put up some build instruction in the discussion section.

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  • Quick and easy, solved a problem! Working on a project, I had 3 items to copy/paste into a longish list of places/documents. Found Ditto with a quick web search and downloaded it. It is SO easy to use and made quick work of what would have otherwise been a knuckle busting (because of repeated Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V back and forths) job get done quickly. Found the options for changing the invoke hotkey, and setting up a way to just punch in a number to get each entry to paste where I needed it, figured out how to reorder the entries and not have them change... all with very little help reference. Intuitive! Very happy with Ditto!

  • A piece of art. A must have. An example of simplicity. Working with this program is an addiction.

  • I can't live without Ditto. A really good app that comes in handy when you have to do lots of copy and pastes.

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  • simple, portable and easy. unlike clipjump, it lists all items, which is more direct.

  • This is an awesome tool. I've been using it for years and absolutely cannot operate without it..... or at least, I don't want to. It did, however, take me a little bit to get use to, but after playing around with the different configuration options and repetitive use, it's became pretty easy to use and becomes like second nature when you want to paste something. Plus, I love how you can create folders to organize your clips and be able to edit them if desired. I have thousands of clippings and this thing has not lagged once. Excellent job, developers. Highly recommend it.

  • Great project and very useful tool at work and at home. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Nice , tyvm ;-)

  • Sexy.

  • Simple, effective, professional. I never have a computer I use without a clipboard manager, which is why I always seek dittos latest and greatest versions. Thank you for your contribution to the community.

  • thank you for sharing your great work!

  • I like ditto very mutch! BUT I wait for a simple new feature who will improve the user experience and made that I will give 5 stars to ditto:In the list of copied items it must be possible to protect the items in sub directorys. And I want a delete all in the root directory button. In this way it will be possible to all items in the root and to keep all items in sub directorys. A big part of the utility of ditto is shrunked by the fact that it is needed to delete some times the idems in the root mannually to avoid to have thausands of Items in the ditto List.

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