AspeQt is the free Atari serial peripheral emulator for Qt. This program emulates various Atari 8-bit family peripherals, most notably the disk drives via an SIO2PC cable.


  • Up to 15 disk drive emulation
  • Up to 6x SIO speed (125,000bps)
  • Support for ATR, XFD, PRO and ATX (preliminary) disk images
  • Mount folders as emulated disks
  • Disk image explorer
  • Directly boot Atari executables
  • Text only printer emulation with PC print, save, and ATASCII font support
  • Cassette image playback
  • Multilingual GUI (English, Polish, Slovak, German, Spanish, Turkish and Russian)
  • AspeQt client module (AspeCl) for Atari, communicates with the server and performs a variety of remote operations

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User Reviews

  • I describe AspeQt in one word as “delivers”. Simple, to the point and Free piece of GEM. Wish it has the 1050 to PC feature.

  • This is a fantastic piece of software! Hats off to the developer for writing this and providing a free alternative to APE. I modified my SIO2PC RS232 adapter to work with a FTDI USB chip and it works great under AspeQt. Keep up the good work!

  • Aspeqt works fine.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Great software :)

  • A great piece of software which actually convinced me to start coding again. It's a very good example of what Atari enthousiasts can do to contribute to the Atari 8 bit community.

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Polish, English, Slovak, Turkish, German, Spanish, Russian

Intended Audience

Developers, End Users/Desktop

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