Albonubes is a library to read raster image files written in pure Java.

It uses recent Java versions (currently Java 8) for a better API (returning Optional<T> rather than null). It also uses an agile development model which enables fast releases.

This project is a child of Apache Commons-Imaging (previously Sanselan). It has abilities and bugfixes which Commons-Imaging doesn't have (yet) while it has the same permissive licence and a very similar API.

Binaries are also available via Sonatype:;quick~albonubes
Have a look on the README file how to include Albonubes with Maven in your project.

The name "albonubes" means "white clouds" in latin. White clouds are part of many paintings. (Originally it came from the name of an ornamental fish, the meteor minnow T. albonubes).


  • It is written in pure Java - it uses not even ImageIO!
  • Reads image data from 15 different raster file formats
  • Writes image data to 12 different raster file formats
  • Apache License 2.0 licensed

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