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#5 uDOS installer

B Decker

Design and deploy uDOS hard disk installer and


  • B Decker

    B Decker - 2006-06-13
    • assigned_to: blairdude --> i_am_drv
  • B Decker

    B Decker - 2006-06-13

    Logged In: YES

    Some ideas for 'udpkg', the uDOS installer :)

    Perhaps Some Basic Feature Requirements:
    1) C compiled command line executable with full command-
    line usability to: copy an installed package from one
    location to another(i.e. uDOS disk to local hard drive)
    given the root location of the store tree, the target tree
    and manifest file.
    2) Ability to remove a package given the location of the
    manifest file and target tree(default=<manifest
    3) Ability to install/remove a *set* of manifest files
    from a specified list file(or stdin) of manifest file
    names, i.e. an 'install configuration'
    4) Check integrity of install afterward(?)
    5) Check/list dependencies
    6) command line option to override dependency failsafes.
    7) command line option to confirm upgrade action (udpkg
    detects if package has been previously installed in
    <target tree> and asks if it should be upgraded[i.e.
    delete the old installed package before installing new one]
    8) An optional curses interface to install any or
    all 'install configurations' or 'manifest' files given
    their directory locattionn as an argument (

    'install configuration' files (possibly in XML or csv?):
    1) A desciption of this configuration
    2) simple text list of manifest file names. These can be
    listed with full path, or the manifest path specified at
    the command line as an argument (also a possible default
    or system variable?)
    3) optional descriptions for each manifest


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