#747 Video Output Glitches with USB AU8522/AU0828


I'm not sure if this is a driver bug in the kernel, a USB error in the kernel or decoder or what. Its pretty much unusable in any other playback program, but viewable in tvtime. I think the deinterlacer is maybe scrapping some of the distorted frames. The distortions just flash onto the screen every couple seconds in tvtime, but constantly flash all over the screen in other players. I can't see a pattern causing them, and doesn't seem to be affected by cpu usage or USB bus activity - I have a lot of USB devices but unplugging them doesn't help.

As for system configuration, see bug #746. There is no point in copying all the same information unless you'd rather I do so. I'll attach screen shots of the glitch.

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  • Evan Langlois

    Evan Langlois - 2014-07-26

    Not sure how to add more than 1 attachment. Here's what vlc looks like

  • Evan Langlois

    Evan Langlois - 2014-07-26

    Wanted to add a new detail that makes no sense, but maybe its a clue. If I start transcoding a DVD - lots of disk IO through the slow laptop DVD drive and slamming the poor CPUs ... the glitches go away on the TV output. I know the DVD is done when the glitches come back.


  • Evan Langlois

    Evan Langlois - 2014-08-19

    Installing the proprietary ATI drivers seems to have cleared this up. Not sure how its related, but I also noticed that the glitch in the screenshot (when its playing its all too fast to notice what the nature of the glitch is) is a section that is in mirror image to what it should be. Weird.


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