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When will alsa support to tvtime?
Currently, you can not use the left and right arrow keys for volume management.
The new systems, throwing the OSS, and there is no /dev/mixer
Tvtime - mixer = hw:0/Line - No sound management command.

Although this is a different matter could but Managing digital tuners?


  • lshantz

    lshantz - 2013-02-16

    This is a HUGE problem. I see hundreds of people milling around about this. Although it is not a "bug" of TVTime. I had this all figured out 2 years ago, and it was all working. Until my system crashed and I had to rebuild earlier this week. Alas, now I'm back to no volume control. I know for a fact, it can be done. In order to get sound, I had to add a sox command. sox -S -t alsa hw:0,0 -d -G
    The one thing I do not understand is: tvtime -v displays: mixer: Can't open device /proc/asound/EasyALSA1, mixer volume and mute unavailable.
    I think this is a clue, and it looks wrong, which would have happened during the install. The program needs logic to determine sound during install and automatically adding the sox string, if needed, and correctly configure the volume control.

  • Daniel Leite

    Daniel Leite - 2013-08-05

    There are patchs to add alsa support, check this version, more updated:


    I wish that tvtime main developers merged that patchs, but you can download and build it (or ask your distro to add then)


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