The TC9 project

The radio AEG Telecar 9, also known under the brand BBC RT-61 is a radio that is intended for professional usage. It exists in several versions (70 MHz, 160 MHz, 460 MHz)
In its original configuration the user interface is not "ham-friendly". All the channels have to be programmed using an external PC, there is no possibility to adjust the RF power, nor the squelch settings,...

DL1FAC, Wulf-Gerd has started to re-write the firmware of the main CPU, to make the rig much more interesting to amateur radio operators.

In January 2012, he released the code to the public domain under GNU GPL license. The code is already in a very advanced state.

If you can find a Telecar9 radio on a flea market, and have access to an EPROM programmer, give this cool software a try. It's really worth it!

Enjoy amateur radio...

Looking for help:

Want to download the firmware, browse the source code, compile by yourself or contribute to the project?
Have a look on the [Binaries and source] wiki page.

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