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Updated spanish documentation

Thanks to the help of Oscar Portela we now have an updated Spanish documentation again that reflects all changes made in the latest version.
You can read the newest Spanish documentation on the RealTimeBattle website on


Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2006-10-28

Potential confusion of newest version of RealTimeBattle

The current version of RealTimeBattle is 1.0.8.
We noticed an unusual amount of downloads of the obsoleted packages in experimental on Febrauray 4th.
There, legacy versions of RealTimeBattle with higher version numbers as 1.0.8 was located.
We have hidden the experimental package now, so there won't be confusion in the future.

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2006-02-09

Binary version of 1.0.8 for Windows released

In the download section, we now provide a precompiled version of RealTimeBattle 1.0.8 for the Cygwin environment.

For further details see

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-11-01

Discussion forums added

In addition to our three mailing lists, we decided to provide you with some forums to discuss all things related to RealTimeBattle.

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-10-25

Design documents, "tournament videos", screenshots, security

With version 1.0.8, we have decided to introduce a new download category named "extra stuff".
There you can find UML and FMC diagrams used to document, analyze and refactor RealTimeBattle. If you plan to participate in our project (we always need volunteers), these diagrams are a good point to start because they will focus on the main points and you won't get lost in the code. Even if you only plan to develop a robot for RealTimeBattle, these diagrams will help you to understand how RealTimeBattle "ticks", so you can undoubtly benefit from it.
Furthermore, we decided to upload screenshots of all arenas shipped in the package so that you can get an overview where you like to fight with your robots.
To get an impression about the good old days of RealTimeBattle and how good robots (better than the included sample robots) can act in the arenas, we also uploaded the log files of the World Champion Ships on sourceforge. You can replay these "videos" with RealTimeBattle and perhaps get a clue how to improve your own robots.
At last, we have uploaded the "RealTimeBattle Security Infrastructure", some software that will guarantee, that robots can only act according to the rules and not kill or hinder other processes, misuse resources, exploit programs or spy out the computer.... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-10-15

RealTimeBattle 1.0.8 is out now

The RealTimeBattle Team Framework Group ( proudly
announces RealTimeBattle 1.0.8

There is a long distance between the last version and the current one,
because we have integrated improvements from different developer teams
around the globe who have only little time to work on RealTimeBattle.
So what's new on the 1.0.8 version? We will list the ten most
important points here:... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-10-15

Our Team now supports two prospective school projects

In the last two months, we have established a strategic partnership with a German Grammar School specialized in Mathematics and Computer Science (
We will support student projects concerning the improvement and documentation of RealTimeBattle.
Currently, we have already established 2 projects with four student members.
They will concentrate on

a) developing our new sound engine for RealTimeBattle
b) perhaps develop a 3D Gui for RealTimeBattle
c) take investigations in the current physical model applied to compute the movements in the arena and try to improve the used algorithms in order to get an even better realistic simulation... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-09-24

Binary version of RealTimeBattle for Windows available

Due to the great work of Simen, we have managed to provide you with a binary version of RealTimeBattle for Windows. You will need the Cygwin environment with an X-Server to run RealTimeBattle.
The features of this version lie between 1.0.7 and the (non-released-yet) 1.0.8.

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-08-29

Next release will come soon

In the next two months, RealTimeBattle 1.0.8 will be released containing all stable features developed in the last months.
All developers who want to get their sources in this release should hurry up now.


Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-06-29

RealTimeBattle ported to ten different platforms

With the help of the Sourceforge compile farm, we have successfully tested the CVS version of RealTimeBattle on ten different platforms including

Linux (i386, alpha, AMD 64)
Windows (with Cygwin)
Free BSD
Solaris (Sparc, i386)
Open BSD
Mac OS X (only tested without GUI)

Now it is on you: Do you like a new official release immediately or can you wait until our other new features like sound support, better performance due to source code cleaning and native team support will be ready?... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-03-29

New fresh tasks for RealTimeBattle available

Due to our new members we got as a result of our sourceforge job offers (yes, that really works 8-), I have written down all suggestions what to do in the newer future in the task manager. Cause most of the task that were in here are already outdated, you can find the current ones in the subproject "RealTimeBattle reloaded"

Have a lot of fun with the new jobs and help to get RealTimeBattle even better.... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-01-24

Replaying logs from files now works again

With the version found in our CVS repository module name "RealTimeBattleNew", you can find the latest source code of the modified 1.0.7 Extended Edition.
This code allows you to replay and analyze log files (for example the ones from the tournaments listed on our web site) to see how good robots react and perhaps get some ideas. Furthermore, the team framework code in this repository was updated to reflect the latest changes in this project.
If you are not familiar with using CVS you may wait until 1.0.8 is out that will include that changes.... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-01-12

Screenshots of RealTimeBattle on sourceforge now

Thanks to the new screenshot option of sourceforge, we have uploaded some pictures showing the game.

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2004-12-23

RealTimeBattle 1.0.7 should now compile with gcc 3.4

Thanks to great feedback (see bug database for details), the last version now should also compile with gcc 3.4
If you want to use this compiler, please download the package again.

Thank you

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2004-12-21

RealTimeBattle 1.0.7 released in two flavors

The RealTimeBattle Team Framework group proudly announces RealTimeBattle 1.0.7.

As you can see from the version number, this release is derived on the sources of the port to newer versions of gtk (>=2.0) and gcc (>=3.0).
Thus this version does not differ in functionality with the older version; the protocol was left unchanged.
To make downloading more attractive, we decided to ship v. 1.0.7 in two flavors:... read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2004-12-16

Project is continued again by RealTime Battle Team Framework

Some weeks ago, we (some members of the RealTime Battle Team Framework Group), asked Erik and Ragnar to get permission to strongly participate in the RealTime Battle project, because we rely on the fast availability of patches for known bugs and the project seems to be quite inactive.
They have given us the facility to continue the project with our own goals, you can read about on our own project site: read more

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2004-10-29


Here is RealTimeBattle 1.0.6
There are no major changes from 1.0.5 except that it should compile with gtk2 and gcc 3.3

A new version is not to far from release, so be ready and check RealTimeBattle website (

Posted by Benoit Rousseau 2003-11-22

Yet an other release (1.1.0-alpha)

This one have team game and other modifications !
Robots starts to be imcompatible. See the release note
Have fun and submit your robots !!!

Posted by Benoit Rousseau 2003-03-30


Today : the setting of a tournament is ready
Nov-Dec : Robots communicates with a 'old-style' arena.
Dec 02-Jan 03 : Some kind of GTK-clients, which means a new release of RTB !!!
Jan 03 - Fev : Source Documentation
Fev - Mars : Code Cleaning
Later : Real RTBv2 stuff

Posted by Benoit Rousseau 2002-10-20

Help needed

As some of you noticed, RealTimeBattle isn't progressing anymore. So if you can program in C++ and you love RTB, maybe you are the man who can help us programming RTB v2. Contact us using the mailing list

Posted by Benoit Rousseau 2002-07-26