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JoeBOT 1.6.5 released - metamod, cs1.6 compatible

JoeBOT 1.6.5 has been released. Most of the work done is this time by cruft, so thanks to him.

grab the files here :

JoeBOT 1.6.5
- Metamod plugin dll released
- CS 1.6 compatible (shield use not implemented yet)
- CS 1.5 backward compatible (set cvar jb_cstrike 1)
- Added jb_* cvars to control all global settings
- Added joebot.cfg cvar config file as alternative to bot.cfg
- fixed : joebot server command no longer needs '|' delimiter
- fixed : bots don't jump during freezetime
- fixed : crash with waypoint unreachable unsigned int range

Posted by Johannes Lampel 2004-03-16

JoeBOT 1.6.2 released

For further details see

JoeBOT 1.6.2
- Windows Version is now botmixer compatible too
- burst fire is configurable via skill system
- Fixed problems with min_bots
- some little perfomance issues

Posted by Johannes Lampel 2002-12-08

sources uploaded to cvs

I just uploaded the sources to the cvs here.


Posted by Johannes Lampel 2002-09-02