#254 ProjectViewerSideKick Plugin

Alan Ezust

It would be nice if there was a plugin that would combine the features of sidekick and projectviewer to provide another tab in PV for "Object Model". This would be the same as the regular PV "Folders" tab, but with child nodes under each file representing previously parsed Sidekick structure trees.

If a node is exploded for the first time, it should be parsed by sidekick to get the child nodes.
The node data should be somehow stored perhaps with the project in the projectviewer project data so it can be removed when the project is removed.


  • Dale Anson

    Dale Anson - 2011-09-09

    I did that about 5 years ago. It turned out it made the PV tree too long to be useful and I don't have that code any more. It seems to me it wasn't hard to do, maybe a couple of hours.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2011-09-10

    Too long to be useful?
    The Python IDE, "Eric" offers this very thing, as does MS Visual Studio, and now Qt Creator.
    I bet it is offered by some plugin in Eclipse too.

    It is a rater mouse-centric way of navigating that I use when I am in Eric because that's what there is.
    But it is kinda convenient if you want to explode tree nodes of the files you use frequently, so you can click on them again later switching between files, something that sidekick doesn't help with at all.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-01-12
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