#1902 BufferTabs plugin pops up annoying window on buffer switch


jEdit 5.4.0 on Windows 7. BufferTabs 1.2.4

I have configured BufferTabs to show multirow tabs. Now, whenever I switch from one tab to another tab, and the other tab happens to be in a different row, I get the annoying dialogue window which you can see in the attachment, and I have to close this window before being able to proceed.

If if a select in this Window the option "Keep .... selected" and click on "Close", the next time when I switch the tabs, this window pops up again.

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  • Ronald

    Ronald - 2018-02-12

    (Adding a screenshot which shows all BufferedTabs settings)

  • Robert Schwenn

    Robert Schwenn - 2018-02-12

    Just a little bit more precise: If "Global Options -> View -> Sort Buffer Sets" is activated, then when the user tries to move a buffer tab with mouse, the dialog appears asking what to do:
    1. Turn off "Sort Buffer Sets"
    2. Keep "Sort Buffer Sets" activated

    The first option, which is default, changes the "Sort Buffer Sets" setting, lets the user move the tab and the dialog doesn't appears anymore. In contrast, the second option prevents the user from moving he tab - and every trial to move the tab raises the dialog. That's all o.k.

    Provided we keep "Sort Buffer Sets" activated, then BufferTabs plugin causes this dialog to appear every time a user klicks on a tab that isn't in the same row as current buffer's tab. Nevertheless, BufferTabs plugin do change the position of tabs. Thats why I guess that the plugin could be adjusted to not cause this dialog to appear...

  • Ronald

    Ronald - 2018-02-13

    Indeed, this was it. Once I turned off "Sort Buffer Sets", the problem disappears.

    I would still suggest keeping this as a bug against the BufferTabs plugin, because in the way it is written now, the usage is far from being intuitive. The problem is that the current dialogue does not explain to the user the real reason; the dialogue says that the tabs are reordered, but from the users viewpoint, he didn't reorder anything.

    Here a few suggestions on how it can be improved with respect to user friendliness:

    • Maybe the plugin could temporary disable the SortBufferSets settings when switching to a tab in a different row, and restore them later. From the users viewpoint, this would be the most convenient solution.
    • If this can not be done, the option dialogue for BufferTabs could at least explain next to the "Wrap tabs into multiple rows....", that for this option to work properly, Sort Buffer Sets should be disabled.
    • Alternatively, BuffereTabs could JUST BEFORE switching to a new tab verifying the state of the SortBufferSets property, and if it is enabled, issue its OWN dialogue box with a more helpful text, for instance: "BuffereTabs requires SortBufferSets to be turned off in order to work properly".

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