#1885 Scalac: Crash in jEdit 5.4.0


jEdit version: 5.4.0
Scalac plugin version: 1.1.0
Java version: Oracle Java 1.8.0_121
Steps to reproduce: run jEdit with Scalac plugin installed
Expected result: no error appears
Current result: this message appears:

Cannot start: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.gjt.sp.util.IOUtilities.closeQuietly(Ljava/io/InputStream;)V
Try updating to a newer version of the plugin.

Activity log:

5:07:03 PM [main] [notice] ScalacPlugin: copying resource /resources/catalog to modes/catalog
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR: Error while starting plugin scalac.ScalacPlugin
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.gjt.sp.util.IOUtilities.closeQuietly(Ljava/io/InputStream;)V
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR:  at scalac.ScalacPlugin.copyResource(scalac.scala:417)
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR:  at scalac.ScalacPlugin.start(scalac.scala:381)
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR:  at org.gjt.sp.jedit.PluginJAR.startPlugin(PluginJAR.java:1740)
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR:  at org.gjt.sp.jedit.PluginJAR.activatePlugin(PluginJAR.java:951)
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR:  at org.gjt.sp.jedit.PluginJAR.activatePluginIfNecessary(PluginJAR.java:1021)
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] PluginJAR:  at org.gjt.sp.jedit.jEdit.main(jEdit.java:550)
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] ErrorListDialog$ErrorEntry: /home/vaclav/.jedit/jars/ScalacPlugin.jar:
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] ErrorListDialog$ErrorEntry: Cannot start: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.gjt.sp.util.IOUtilities.closeQuietly(Ljava/io/InputStream;)V
5:07:03 PM [main] [error] ErrorListDialog$ErrorEntry: Try updating to a newer version of the plugin.


  • Eric Le Lay

    Eric Le Lay - 2017-05-10

    The scalac plugin requires a rebuild:
    org.gjt.sp.util.IOUtilities.closeQuietly(Ljava/io/InputStream;)V has been changed to org.gjt.sp.util.IOUtilities.closeQuietly(Ljava/io/Closeable;)V which is source but not binary compatible.

  • Dale Anson

    Dale Anson - 2017-06-20

    So all this needs is a rebuild? No code changes?

  • Eric Le Lay

    Eric Le Lay - 2017-06-21

    It would only need a rebuild to solve this problem.
    Other problem are scala 2.7.5 is too old to compile with java 8, jetty-6.1.19.zip is nowhere to be found, so the plugin doesn't build anymore.
    Code is at https://github.com/vseryakov/scalac-jedit

  • Robin Vobruba

    Robin Vobruba - 2017-12-28

    i fixed the plugin code up abit, to compile and load with latest jedit, and to include build instructions:
    (related pull request is here:
    https://github.com/vseryakov/scalac-jedit/pull/2 )

    it still fails to compile when used in jEdit though -> help appreciated! (i have zero scala experience)

    and btw: it seems to be very rudimentary


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