#1867 XML Plugin: incorrect focus in Edit Tag dialog after upgrading to Java 8


XML Plugin
After upgrading JRE from 1.7 update 80 to 1.8 update 101, "Edit tag" dialog behaves incorrectly in terms of its focus and focus of its text fields (that is, the inputs and / or the dialog itself do not get focus under some circumstances).

Steps to reproduce:
1. extract files from xml-plugin-bug.zip
2. start jEdit
3. open myXml.xml file
4. try to add myChildTag element as a child of myRootTag, i.e. start writing "myChildTag" and in the completion popup choose myChildTag
5. the Edit Tag dialog now opens
6. try to change value of myEnumAttribute - it works
7. try to write any text (e.g. "aaaa") in the Value textbox of myTextAttribute - the text is not written in the text field, but to the edited document instead
8. if you now try to close the dialog by Esc, it does not work (but it should)
9. do not close the dialog and switch to another application (Cmd+Tab on Mac OS X)
10. switch back to jEdit
11. repeat step 7 - the Value textbox of myTextAttribute now correctly does have focus
12. but value of the myEnumAttribute cannot be changed - i.e. when I click on the combobox nothing happens
13. closing dialog by Esc key now works as expected.

The described behavior happens with these versions:
Java 1.8.101 + XML 3.0.0
Java 1.8.101 + XML 3.0.3
But it does not happen when using Java 1.7.80 + XML 3.0.0.

jEdit version: 5.3.0
XML plugin version: 3.0.0
Platform: Mac OS X 10.11.6
Java version: Oracle Corporation Java 1.8.0_101
Activity log: see attached file
Plugin list: see attached file

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