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We prefer patches which are generated against the latest "trunk" in subversion. By checking out a copy of the source and making changes to your local copy, you can create a patch by simply typing svn diff, (or git diff -a, if it's in git) from the root directory of your project. This command will give you context, as well as version numbers for all differences between your versions and the versions you checked out from the repository. Redirect this command to a file and attach it with proper documentation.

If not using subversion, please include what version of jEdit your patch is made against.

For mode files:

We would also appreciate:

  1. Checking that it validates without errors in jEdit's XML plugin.
  2. Supplying a link to language reference
  3. A sample program(s) on an open source license that we could publish in our internet resources and use for testing

See also: Bug tracker details, Modes docs, open patches list

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316 Swing Installer position open Matthieu Casanova 2010-02-03 5 0  
307 Patch to add pluginset command-line option open-remind Damien 2012-03-01 5 0  
290 Shell script "here documents" need syntax for <<- pending-remind 2012-08-22 3 0  
82 Add cool MacOSX-style drawers for dockables (optional) open Alexander Klimetschek 2011-11-17 6 0  
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