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Submit requests to merge a changelist (set) to a stable branch here. Don't
forget to PUT THE COMPLETE SET OF REVISION NUMBERS to be merged. See doc
/release-procedure.txt for more details.

Be sure to set the Group: to the version number that the merge belongs to.
Keep in mind, jEdit 5.2 is being stabilized at the moment and is the only
version being maintained (in other words, don't bother submitting merges for
older versions).

If merging bug fixes add the bug id prefixed with #. This will allow to
search for merge requests for a given bug. There is no other way to find out
the earliest version in which the bug is fixed.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority Votes
196 Merge fix for broken java installer (#3837) for 5.1.x pending-out-of-date 2013-12-23 2014-12-31 7 0  
195 Fix systray icon not created on EDT thread for 5.1.x pending-out-of-date 2013-10-16 2014-12-31 5 0  
188 Fix for color option pane of FSB for 5.0.x pending-out-of-date 2013-01-11 2014-08-15 5 0  
187 Exception with Macro Java/Get Class Name for 5.0.x pending-out-of-date 2012-12-17 2013-10-23 5 0  
186 Parse error with an empty script for 5.0.x pending-out-of-date 2012-12-17 2014-08-16 5 0  
158 Fix for VFS session not closed in copy for 5.0.x pending-rejected 2012-07-02 2012-08-01 5 0  
155 Error dialog is using KB shortcut message for 5.0.x pending-out-of-date 2012-06-11 2013-10-23 5 0  
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