#18 Can't open with file if My Docs moved

Aaron Adams

On my Windows XP machine, /My Documents is located
under D:, not C:/Documents and Settings. I relocated
it with TweakUI. jEdit seems to cope with this rather
well; during installation, a /.jedit folder is created
within D:/My Documents, containing what I assume to be
some normal files. For the most part, jEdit reads
everything correctly from the modified location;
however, in jelaunch.log, there are many, many entries
reading as such:

[launcher] Timer fired; search for server file.
[launcher] default code page is 1252
[launcher] searching for server file C:\Documents and
[launcher] Server file not opened
[launcher] System error message: The system cannot find
the path specified.
[launcher] Could not find server file.

It's looking in the wrong place. I tried copying
/.jedit from D:/My Documents to C:/Documents and
Settings/Aaron, but this only reset my Global Options,
but it didn't fix the problem that I'm having: when I
right-click a file and choose Open with jEdit, the file
is never opened. I'm presented with a blank buffer,
nothing more. I've played with the command line and
such, but I cannot get jEdit to open with a file.

I have to assume these problems are related, since the
only other person I've found on the forums with this
problem, also has /My Documents in an unusual location.
Any assistance you could offer in solving this problem
until the next release with this bug fixed would be
greatly appreciated.


  • Aaron Adams

    Aaron Adams - 2003-11-19

    Logged In: YES

    I copied just the server file to C:\Documents and
    Settings\Aaron\.jedit\server, and when jEdit starts - it
    deletes the file! Oh, what fun.

  • Slava Pestov

    Slava Pestov - 2003-11-19

    Logged In: YES

    This is a jEditLauncher bug. Try running jedit.jar directly.

  • Aaron Adams

    Aaron Adams - 2003-11-19

    Logged In: YES

    "C:\Program Files\jEdit 4.1\jedit.jar" "filename"

    That does seem to work from the Run dialog, without the -1
    switch mentioned in the docs. However, I can't seem to
    figure out how to change the behaviour of right-click, Open
    with jEdit. It doesn't seem to be anywhere obvious in the


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