#521 why is 5.3.1 download all the way over in China?


I am getting domain warnings trying to download the 5.3.1 version (and it's hard to get to). I need the bug fixes. please make a beta dir in sf.net and put it there instead. thanks.


  • Matthieu Casanova

    You mean you are trying to download jEdit 5.3.1 and get domain warning ? What's the link you are using ?

  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2016-07-25

    the one that links to tellurianring.com at http://jedit.org/index.php?page=download where the link says daily builds. browser no longer has errors (and I don't have an antivirus either because I am poor), but the placement of that code on that site is questionable. I did get cert errors once warning me not to go there. the alphas and betas should have their own place in the doanloads area of sf.net.

    • Alan Ezust

      Alan Ezust - 2016-07-25

      The current daily build server has some other problems now too, so we need
      to change how things are uploaded anyway. That's a good idea.


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