#4060 Replace text in all open files only works once

minor bug

jEdit Version: 5.4.0
Java Version: Oracle Java 1.8.0-151
Platform: Linux (Kernel Version 4.4.104-18.44)
Some plugins installed, but none used related to this bug

When replacing text in several open buffers with "Replace all" in the search&replace dialog with option "Search in"="open files", and doing this TWICE, the text is only replaced in the currelty active buffer. If you change the "Search in" option to another value and back to "open files", the text is replaced properly in all open buffers.
This bug has been in former jEdit Versions, at least since 5.1.0.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open several files which all contain some common text
2. Replace this text with the search&replace dialog, using "search in open files" and perform "Replace all"
3. Text gets replaced in all open files
4. Repeat these steps (with other common text or the replaced text above)
5. Text gets replaced only in the current buffer
6. Repeat these steps, but change the option "serach in" to another value and back to "open files"
7. Text gets replaced in all open files


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