#4018 file browser allows opening file in dir box as dir

minor bug

may be related to another bug I authored with yellow square in file tab.
1. start jedit
2. ctrl-o
2. put in full filepath into path box, click open
3. filename will show as "yellow tab" (white tab with yellow box in it), empty file (where there should be something), and filname showing with \ on end strangely enough, or the path shown has this the wrong way, or both.
4. close file.
5. open file by browsing and clicking
4. 2nd attempt to do it wrong on same file will fail.
5. 3rd attempt to do it wrong on different file will fail.

it only seems to happen when jedit is started.


  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2016-09-01

    je5.3.1 java latest vista32

  • Jesse Pavel

    Jesse Pavel - 2016-09-01

    Are you pasting your file paths with double quotes around them? That's what happens on my machine if you try to open a path that way. If so, just remove the quotes and it will work.

  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2016-09-02


  • Dale Anson

    Dale Anson - 2016-09-20

    I'm assuming your "full filepath" contains the filename. Paste it into the filename box instead of the path box. The path box is for directories, the filename box is for filenames, with or without the path.

    However, I agree, if you paste a full path into the path box, it should recognize it's a file and open it rather than treating it as a directory.

  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2016-09-25

    Hi Dale - usually for file browsers there is either 2 different file browsers, one for dirs and one for fies, or there is some sort of flag or option you can turn on or off for dirs vs files. this would be in javadoc I assume.


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