#4004 ClassCastException: BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to XRSurfaceData after long idle period

normal bug
Alan Ezust

I had jEdit running and idle for a long time. I don't know how to reproduce this yet.

When I tried to use it again, I saw this exception in the activity log.
Using jEdit 5.3.1 (svn trunk) from today.
jEdit stops painting dockables after that, and I am unable to do lots of things (but it is still running).

on Linux / KDE plasma5 / Kubuntu.

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  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2016-10-13
    • status: open --> open-wont-fix
  • Jeremy Whiting

    Jeremy Whiting - 2018-01-04

    Looking at the bug report the issue is for a different defect. The call stacks differ.

    The exception for you is thrown in .cacheToTmpSurface method.

    The jdk bug report is for the method .validateSurface

    I am seeing the same issue as you. I'll try and get the jdk issue fixed as a separate bug report.


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