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File List 3.2.0 Released

File List 3.2.0, as always is 100% plug and play. There are no databases required and the whole system updates live. File List used much of what was learned in the File Manage ( project to optimize and fix some issues in this project. This project is a very optimized version of File Manage for those who do not need to manage files, but only need to see lists of files.... read more

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2005-06-06

Project Moved (and File Manage released)

I have submitted a bug about being able to download the files from this project almost a month ago, and it has yet to be resolved. So I have moved to a different project. which will hopefully be a temperary home for the project until the bug is fixed.

File Manage has been released on that project. Please check it out! Submit any bugs and requests on that project. Once the bug is fixed I will bring those back to this project.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2005-04-20

File Manage will release at 0.9.0!

Getting File Manage out of alpha stages has been a very long and trying project. I do not wish to release a unstable or unsecure product, since this system will require both of those to work at all proper.

File Manage is currently at 0.8.6, but is progressing slowly. Each stage up updating is followed by a stage of security and optimization testing. Once completed File Manage will remain in it's one file form (like File List), but will be around four times the file size (due to all the new code and new features).... read more

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2005-03-20

Bobb's PHP File List releases version 3.0.0

Bobb File List System Development team is proud to announce the release of version 3.0.0 of their software. The team has been hard at work working through the code to make it run faster, more user-friendly, and more internationalized. As of the 3.0.0 release we support English, Norwegian, French, Swedish, Bulgarian, German, and even Latin. Many more languages are in the works to keep updated if the language you want it not listed.... read more

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2004-10-16

File List language packs are now in development

The File List -lang version contains special files that can allow an admin to easily change between languages.

Currenlty we only have Enlgish, but translators are currently working hard to make the availability of other languages possible. So if you want to help contact one of our project admin and let them know.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2004-10-09

2.9.0 Released -Core Updates

What's new:
Made code more optimized by making it only go through one full list of files instead of two.
Better copyright disclaimer/file headers.
New documentation.
Added file: COPYRIGHT which contains all the contributers to the Bobb's File List System (BFLS) since they hold the copyright.

What's updated:
!Fixed the bug where the program would add a . after the directory name not allowing this program to be used anywhere but in the root directory of the server. There were many core updates with this! -- big back end update
Made $ftype store as lowercase since there are things dependant on it.... read more

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2004-10-08

File list now on CVS

The latest available version of Bobb's File list software is now available on CVS. So get the newest versions from there.

Though I will post new stable versions for download often, there could be new features and bug fiixes when gotten from CVS.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2004-10-05

2.8.5 Released

This release contains a lot of the things that should have been released in the initial version.

The install is just a matter of putting one file in the base directory of where you want to get the file list. No more copy/pasting files to all sub directories.
More options, for turn off/on items on the page.
Switched from 1/0 switching to true/false.
Also some bug fixes with the getid3 feature.

It is now a lot easier to use and seems a lot more like a releasable version.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2004-10-05

Move to

I have been developing this on my own up until now, and finally descided I should try to get some help. So came into play. With the system they have setup I can easily manage all my todo's and files and such.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2004-10-01