dblxAdmin - 2016-12-29

DBLX 3.1 was just released with the following changes and fixes:

  • Changed server listener to handle more concurrent clients.
  • Modified data buffer and parser to allow reads without a table lock.
  • Added interactive command-line client.
  • Added Server Functions
  • Fixed streams and IO which could have mishandled multi-byte data.
  • Many performance enhancements, including support for higher concurrent users.
  • Fixed encrypted client communication issues.

The documentation and binaries will be updated in the next day.

This release marks the largest scalability improvement for DBLX since its inception.
Previous versions would see small performance loss when there were more than 10 concurrent users.
DBLX 3.1 can now handle hundreds of concurrent users and still deliver the lightning-fast performance you are used to.