Install and execute scripts missing !

  • Sandro Bilbeisi

    Sandro Bilbeisi - 2015-07-01

    The distribution archives contain no dbserver.bat or

    launching the "dblx_2_2.jar" on Mac OS X yields an error ....

    • dblxAdmin

      dblxAdmin - 2015-07-01

      DBLX comes with the correct script for the platform. If you are using DBLX on Mac OS/X, then you should download DBLX_2_2.tar.gz. When you expand that tar/gzip file you will find the script in the /server directory.

      To start DBLX just chmod the script for execution and fire it off.

      The DBLX Jar file is not setup to run when you execute it. So, if you double-click on the JAR, DBLX will not start up.
      The source code for DBLX does not contain startup scripts. You can use the scripts that come with the binaries if needed.

      If you do not have the script in your /server directory, or the script is not working or producing an error, please send more information to our support email so we can get you up and running: dblxsupport at dblxdatabase dot com.


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